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Dr. Gatling is Your Choice for Jacksonville Tooth Extractions.

Tooth extractions may be required for various reasons. We routinely extract non-restorable teeth and teeth to create room for orthodontic treatment.  We refer impacted wisdom teeth to an oral surgeon.


Wisdom Teeth

In our late teens to early twenties, our third molars, commonly referred to as our wisdom teeth, begin to come in. In a great number of cases, the jaw is simply not large enough to accommodate these extra teeth and they become impacted, meaning they remain under the gum.

Unfortunately, impacted wisdom teeth can cause further dental complications including infection, crowding, damage to other teeth, cysts which can permanently damage the jaw, and other problems. In instances where the wisdom teeth do come through the gums, it may be at an awkward angle and hard to clean, also necessitating a tooth extraction. It is difficult to predict whether your impacted teeth will cause such damage.  Regular X-rays help your doctor track your wisdom teeth and make decisions about removal. The extraction of wisdom teeth that are impacted are referred to an excellent oral surgeon.

About the Dentist

Jacksonville dentist Dr. Robert Gatling is committed to providing top quality dental for the whole family. We tailor our dental services to the development of your teeth, so that as your teeth continue to develop, our services change to properly care for them. The professionals at Jacksonville-based Gatling Dentistry only use the most advanced technology, materials, and techniques available to provide the most thorough and satisfactory preventative, restorative, reconstructive, and cosmetic dental services to Jacksonville, FL.