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Dr. Gatling uses two teeth whitening techniques to help you achieve a whiter smile. At your initial consultation, we will help you choose the procedure which is right for you, and talk through the results you can expect.  Although visible results do vary, most people can expect a much brighter smile. You will also be delighted to hear that a healthy and bright smile is surprisingly affordable! Dr. Gatling is here to help with all your Jacksonville teeth whitening needs!

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Many different factors contribute to your teeth becoming discolored.  When our teeth first start to come in, they are protected by the outer layer, enamel.  As we get older, the enamel begins to wear and becomes thinner, especially at the gumline. At the core of our teeth is dentin. This is naturally a yellow color and as the enamel begins to thin, the color of the dentin begins to show through.

Small cracks can also form in the enamel. These cracks allow stains and debris from food and drink to build up and create a yellowish, dull exterior. Stains can be placed in one of two categories, extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains are those that come from the food and beverages we consume, including dark colas, coffee, teas, and tobacco. Brushing and routine dental cleanings can remove some of these stains, but some are more stubborn and may remain even after teeth cleaning. Intrinsic stains are those that form from the interior of the tooth as a result of aging, trauma, or tetracycline and other factors. These are the stains that were once considered impossible to whiten.

Today’s dental advances allow teeth to be whitened from even intrinsic stains, which gives hope to many people who may have been previously told that teeth whitening was not an option for them. At Gatling Dentistry, we offer Professional Strength Crest Whitening Strips and At-Home whitening trays that can help most people achieve amazing results!

What Makes Gatling Dentistry Different

Established Office

Our practice opened in 1976 by Dr.Robert Gatling, and are honored to provide dental care for your entire family’s smiles!

Continuing Education

Our staff are constantly involved in continuing education course to further their dental knowledge. We feel these hours directly translate into improved patient care.

Patients Involved In Care

We feel when patients are part of the team, the team is complete. When patients know what we are doing and why we are doing it, they make better decisions for themselves and their expectations are met.


We take a proactive preventive approach to our patients care. From our initial exam to our hygiene room, we look for the early warning signs of breakdown, such as worn teeth, in effort to prevent more extensive and expensive treatment down the road.

What Our Clients Say

Patient Testimonials

“I love Dr Gatling and team. Great service with a heart and compassionate about teeth!!!!”

Dana Isabella

Via Google Reviews

“I've worked for Dr. Gatling, years ago, and I continue to go back to him for all of my dental work. I KNOW that his work is top quality, because I've seen a full spectrum in this and other cities, and he's incredibly gentle as well.”

Melanie M

Via Google Reviews

“My family has only been going to see Dr. Gatling for a few months, but his staff and their professionalism has us expecting to be with him for years to come. He is a wonderfully charming character that put us at ease from our first visit. His staff was very informative and always willing to assist. We couldn't be more pleased to have met Dr. Gatling and his wonderful staff!”

Donald Sanderson

Via Google Reviews

“I have been here several times, Dr. Gatling is a fantastic dentist and has a wonderful staff that never fails to make my day! I have never felt like a pin cushion as they work and everyone is always so nice it's hard to imagine going anywhere else. If you are looking for a new practice that knows their stuff and can take care of you, then look no further!”

Mike Nichols

Via Google Reviews

“I always choose Dr Gatling, even though my employer's dental plan doesn't cover him. I pay out of pocket, he is that good. In fact, I was calling for an appointment today to have a crown placed. I am happy to give him my cash, because he is wonderful and does great work. Dr Gatling came in on Christmas Eve one year to urgently fix my Dad's tooth. My dad wasn't even his patient. My mom's best friend was a long time patient of Dr Gatling, he recognized that her thyroid cancer came back and urged her to see her oncologist. Dr Gatling is an extensively knowledgeable dentist, who cares about his patients.”

Jennifer Anderson

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Insurance carriers We Accept

Gatling Dentistry works with insurance plans from many carriers, adding one more way to help you to save money on your dental healthcare needs. Please see the list below for insurance policies we accept.  We add new carriers to the list from time to time, so please contact us if you have any questions. Be sure to  bring your insurance card with you when you visit our office.

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